Saturday, August 4, 2012

Arielle's Olympic Intense

Here's the bike of Arielle's Olympic hopes and dreams - and ultimately her Olympic nightmare.  The news report indicates that it was a broken chain that led to her terrible crash.  You ride BMX long enough, and you will have that happen.  Only, you wouldn't expect it to happen on the eve of your biggest competition.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Arielle Martin's Olympic Dreams Dashed

Top U.S. Woman BMX Qualifier Arielle Martin was seriously injured on Tuesday as she went about her final day of training at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. She was to travel with the rest of USA Cycling's BMX team to London on Wednesday. Sadly, her injuries were severe enough to warrant time in the Intensive Care Unit.

 The story is reported here in her hometown newspaper(Salt Lake City, Utah)... Deseret News

Thursday update: Martin on her way to full recovery

Post's Helmet

And here is Alise's custom painted helmet. Waiting for her to explain all the symbolism behind the different flowers, etc...

Post's Olympic Bikes

Here are the bikes Alise is taking to London. Look to be identical except for the wheels...and all that seat post.

Post Time!

Alise Post was able to surprise her parents with a $10,000 check, courtesy of her sponsor, JBL Audio, to enable her whole family to travel to London to see her race... Story in St. Cloud Times

Free Agent's Olympic Bikes

OK, what's the deal here? David Herman was the first rider named to Team USA - he qualified months ago for the Olympic team based on his accumulation of points throughout the past year. So why is Free Agent only able to provide him with a frame with a flag sticker on it? That is the best they could do?
At least they managed a custom-painted rig for the reigning Olympic Champ, Maris Strombergs.
Found at
Here is the German team frame, provided by the Dutch bike brand, Meybo.
Found on Meybo's site...Meybo home